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Available : End of july 2019,  deliverable all around the world !

Made in the Alps !


Goldwing-case Classique
Goldwing-case XL

 Goldwing-Case is born from a simple statement. You can't store two full-face helmet on the trunk of the new Goldwing 2018 by Honda and close it. 


To find a solution, we develop with the help of engineers an extension that comes to settle down. 


The specification was simple : 


-To create a product that is easy to use and easy to install (around 25 minutes of installation) 


-To manufacturate a solid and reliable kit, we used robust materials to protect your goods  


-Make the equipment totally reversible 


-To distribute an affordable system 


-And of course to increase the capacity of your top case 

Composition of the kit :

Your Goldwing-case kit is composed of the main extension in reinforced plastic and two stainless steel hooks for a complete protection against the robery.